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Best Free Magento Extensions of 2018

02.02.2018 (9:32 am) – Filed under: Magento

Every Magento store owner is worried about contemporary features that can propel their ecommerce website to the next level. If your company has already faced the same issue, you’re suggested to pay attention to the easiest way how to make your web store advanced. The solution is as simple as that. All you need us to install some of the best Magento extensions that ensure excellent shopping experience and boost your sales at a stroke.

Magento website development company

The extension is for Magento web stores that are interested in fast load speed as well as response time. Requests can be purged according to the type of content. Customer information is prevented from being cached.

Banner Slider
The extension is free of charge and helps to get images displayed in the proper way to attract customers’ attention. By using 36 various positions, you can show your slides differently. Images on the slider can be assigned with a definite order.

Advanced layer navigation
The extension allows your shoppers to choose a few values for the same filter criterion. If necessary, a customer can select black and red dresses when looking for this sort of clothes. The option makes your web store more user-friendly.

Yotpo Reviews
The tool is considered as all-in-one that helps to get all feedback and reviews left on the Yotpo platform. All references, questions and answers are combined together to provide your shoppers with possibility to make better shopping decision.

Promotional banner
This is a simple extension that can be installed in a click. It is used during holiday season, as it simplifies providing services for your clients. You can promote some special holiday offers by selecting one out of 15 suggested.

“Apply To” Attribute Option
The extension allows controlling and managing product attributes. Some specific items can be assigned with attributes that are available in the setting in your admin panel. The option helps to reduce the number of unneeded fields.

One step checkout
This is one of the much-in-demand extensions that simplifies the order process. Shoppers are able to make an order much easier and faster. If compared with ordinary checkouts consisting of 5 steps, this extension requires just one step and the desirable item is on the way to your home. Having tried once, your clients will be satisfied with their shopping.

Best Free Magento Extensions of 2018